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Birthday:April 26, 1970Birthplace:SloveniaStar Sign:TaurusProfession:Model

Melania Trump is a former model and the current wife of the President-elect of the United StatesDonald Trump. She is a Slovenian-born who is now a permanent resident of U.S.A. since 2001. Melania is also going to be the second foreign-born First Lady of America after 1825.

Melania Trump was born on April 26, 1970, in Novo Mesto in Slovenia. Her father’s name is Viktor Knavs and mother’s name is Amalija. Melania has a sister and an older half-brother. She completed her Secondary School study from the School of Design and Photography in Ljubljana. After that, she attended the University of Ljubljana. But she dropped out after a year.

Melania TrumpMelania Trump

Trump started her modeling career back when she was only 16. It was a photoshoot for a Slovenian photographer. She signed a contract with a modeling agency in Italy at the age of 18. She achieved the runner-up position in the 1992 Jana Magazine “Look of the Year” contest in Ljubljana. After that, she moved to Ney York City in 1996.Melanija KnavsMelania Trump met Donald Trump after moving to New York in 1998, at a Fashion Week party. Back then Donald Trump was still married to his second wife Marla Maples,but they were living separately. During that meeting, Melania refused to give Donald her phone number. But eventually, the got together. But their affair got public after an interview on The Howard Stern Show in 1999. They engaged in 2004 and married on January 22, 2005.

When Donald Trump started his presidential campaign in 2015, Melania Trump supported him very much. Her exact words were “I encouraged him because I know what he will do and what he can do for America. He loves the American people and he wants to help them.”

Now Melania Trump is going to be the First Lady of the United States on January 20, 2017. She will be the first foreign-born woman hold that role after Louisa Adams. She told the media that, as The First Lady, she would help women and children. Melania also told that she will also raise against cyberbullying.


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Born: April 26, 1970 (age 46), Novo Mesto, Slovenia Height: 5′ 11″ Spouse: Donald Trump (m. 2005) Education: University of Ljubljana Nationality: American, Slovenian


Parents: Viktor Knavs, Amalija Knavs Spouse: Donald Trump (m. 2005)

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