Your State Of The Union drinking game, updated for 2022

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Biden is due to make his first State Of The Union address today (Tuesday, 1 March 2022) at 9pm ET. You can watch it online for free via the White House’s own live stream but for those who want to wash it down with something, here’s a handy drinking game – or two – to help. Just remember to do so responsibly.

State Of The Union drinking games are a staple of US political life

Numerous drinking games have been devised and publicised in the days leading up to former presidents’ State Of The Union addresses.

For example – and for a shot of nostalgia – The Daily Pennsylvanian urged audiences to “chase your drink with orange juice whenever you notice John Boehner”, shortly before Barack Obama’s 2011 address.

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That same year, Esquire’s corresponding game was a little more complex. It included, for example, instructions to drink one gulp of beer, one or two shots of liquor, three shots of “anything”, or to finish your glass, depending on what took place during Obama’s State Of The Union speech.

Trump’s 2018 address spawned games, too. Rolling Stone encouraged audiences to drink whenever the former president, among other things, used “pinchy hands”, sniffled “with suspicious vigorousness”, and/or mentioned a “witch hunt”.

A Drinking Game website also went live, containing cues categorised under “Trumpian superlatives”, “foreign affairs”, “domestic policy”, “Trumpisms”, and even a “special impeachment section”.

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Your State Of The Union drinking game, updated for 2022

Relatively few drinking games have emerged – so far – for Biden’s first State Of The Union address, which is due to take place at 9pm ET today (Tuesday, 1 March 2022).

However, conservative political commentator and podcaster Steven Crowder has announced he and his team would be “fact-checking” Joe Biden’s speech “with a drinking game”.

We`re live-streaming and fact-checking former VP Joe Biden`s State of the Union address with a drinking game! Tune in tomorrow 8:45PM ET

— Steven Crowder (@scrowder) February 28, 2022

Meanwhile, Twitter user Fifty Shades of Sarcasm has crowdsourced a 2022 State Of The Union drinking game. Starting two days ago, they have been collecting others’ ideas for what to include. Check it out below:

We have the game!!! Also a Bonus Edition if you’re a veteran drinker or want to really lose yourself…. 😂🤣🙌🏻🥃🥃🥃See ya Tuesday #StateOfTheUnion#2022SOTU#DrinkingGame#2022SOTUDrinkingGame

— Fifty Shades of Sarcasm (@Fifty_ShadesOfD) February 27, 2022TV: Why Faye dropped the glass in this crucial Euphoria S2 scene

Or you can try this one instead

Meanwhile, Our Community Now’s “ultimate” 2022 State Of The Union drinking game contains the following instructions.

Take one sip if:

– Biden starts mispronouncing something and ad-libs a sentence off-the-cuff until he can find his place in the teleprompter.– A protester in the gallery shouts something out during the State of the Union.– You get the feeling applause is going on way too long.– The pandemic is discussed.– The ongoing issues between Russia and Ukraine are discussed.

Take two sips if:

– Biden takes credit for something.– Biden uses the word “look” in his speech.– The camera pans during Biden’s speech to the Supreme Court or the President’s Joint Chiefs of Staff (the uniformed heads of each military branch).– The camera pans to anyone crying.– Biden mentions his wife, First Lady Jill Biden.

Finish your drink if:

– The camera pans to an empty seat.– The camera pans to someone sleeping.– It pans to show your congressman or senator.– It pans to show a member of the Biden administration shaking his/her head.

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